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The Capativating and Opulent world of Casinos

The word “ Casino” belongs to an Italian origin, derived from the root word “Casa” or house or even sometimes interpreted as a villa or summerhouse. Somehow its meaning got changed and now casino as we know it is a place, usually a building or grand villa or palazzo for pleasure activities. Related to the gaming industry, casino is typically associated with the gambling industry throughout the world.

The glamour and money involved in the gambling industry have a huge influence on anyone who enters inside a casino and wants to play. And as soon as you enter in the playing area of a big casino, it instantly catches you in its devilish and bewitched glimmer. Today there are a lot of big casinos all around the world. The American city of Las Vegas is also the most populous city in the State of Nevada   and is known for its huge and opulent casinos worldwide. They have been glorified in numerous Hollywood movies and other international movies. Whether it be The Bellagio, the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Caesars Palace or The Luxor, Las Vegas so much to offer. The clicking on a roulette table, the snapping sound of a deck of cards being shuffled, the sound of a rolling dice and a whispering prayer for a random number all comes together to form a soundtrack which fills your heart with pulsating energy. The extreme luxury of these casino resorts and the palpable excitement on the game floor indulges you in an adrenaline kicking drive and brings out the gamer in you.

All sorts of table and off-table games are played in any big casino around the world. From card games such as poker and blackjack to roulette bet placing and slot machines, the gaming floors are loaded with excitement and you can see the winners, leaving with stacks of chips and people putting their wealth at stake on card games.

Casino gamesCasinos are also seen as a potent revenue generating business. Every year huge revenues are generated through these casinos and sometimes this counting is even in billions of dollars. Las Vegas alone generates more than $5.55 billion per year and so is Atlantic City generating over $3.943 billion every year. That is indeed a huge amount of money and a lion’s share of which is shared with the government, which also makes several rules to regulate this business and prevent theft and other severe crimes related to the casino business. But if we go be a regional assessment of the casino business, then we can see that this business usually is confined to a very limited part of the world, mostly in the United States of America and a few countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia pacific region. The Venetian Macau in China is the largest casino in the world and generates over $3 billion a year and is still progressing. It is also the sixth largest building in the world by floor area.

A lot of secrets and controversies have also surrounded the casino business. Many people have been able to make fortunes in casinos as also many dreams have shattered on the gaming tables. Casinos use tricks like no windows, no clocks to see what time it is and dull and ugly colored rugs at the exit areas and brightly colored upholsteries, game tables and flashy lights on gaming floors to attract people and keep them playing.

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