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How to prevent gambling addiction

Gambling is a fun activity and one of recreation facilities. But as the saying goes – too much can be worse – this is also true in gambling – whether it is conventional or online-based. Addiction to gambling is a serious problem. Addiction is a boost needs and makes what began as an enjoyable experience in a casino turned into an uncontrollable, destructive desire to play again. Gambling addiction led to catastrophe in work, family, friends and finances – so completely destroy your life!

But there are ways to prevent gambling addiction:
• Set in advance the amount of money you want to play. Once you use this amount then stop playing. Do not give in to the temptation to use a little more money than you have set.

• Perform deadline approaches. This means that you fix a period of time for example is about two hours. Set the alarm for some very important work at the end of two hours. Leave gambling soon, no matter what are happened, and take care of your job. With the mobile casino games available, you can even schedule a time to gamble once every day.

• Two strategies above would work only if you do not drink while playing, as alcohol can reduce your barriers, making it easier to continue to spend money and time to gamble, without completely realizing the danger.

• Some people gamble to cope with uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, sadness and anger. That way is just to escape from uncomfortable situations. That is a dangerous thing to do. It is better to deal with the situation and if necessary ask for help from family or friends rather than trying to escape through gambling. The fact showed that the unwanted situations cannot disappear unless handled in thoughtful ways.

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