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A lot of players like to play the slot games than other types of casino games. One of the reasons is this type of casino game is becoming very popular with its variation in the theme. There are several categories that an online slot game can fall into. The categorization of the slot machines may be done on the basis of different factors. Let us see some of the common ways the slots are divided. One of the best ways to organize the slot machines is by checking at their denominations. There are some casino games that accept only pennies and on the other hand there are machines that accept only dollars. Even some slot games let the players to select from multiple denominations that includes pennies, dollars, quarters, nickels and five dollars. High roller machines can take 25 or 100 dollars per spin. Slot games like lord of the ocean slot is giving a different experience to its players.

Another way to divide the slots is considering the number of reels used in the slot. The spinning symbols are called as reels and they are used as large hoops.  Most of the modern slot machines have reels that are simply video screens. As per the number of reels, the slot machines are categorized into 3, 5 and 7 reel machines. Game type is one of the factors that categorize the slot games. Slot games have changed a lot over the years from basic games having 3 reels to interactive games featuring with immersive sound and 3D video effects. Furthermore, players can find many other variations in the slot machines based on where they are in the universe. Some types of slot games based on game type are video slots, classic slots, pokies, 3D slots and fruit machines. Various jurisdictions in US categorize this casino game using the classes namely class 2 and class 3 games.

casinoOther types of slot machines are flat top and progressive slot machines. Games that are having a fixed top reward are known as flat top machines. Progressive slot machines have a jackpot increasing over time. This type of games are tremendously large jackpots that is similar to that of playing a lottery. The last factor categorizing the slot machines is the payout percentage on the machine. Based on this factor it is categorized into loose and tight slot machines. Loose slot game is one which pays out more amount more often to the players whereas a tight slot game is simply the opposite. There are no ways for the players to determine payout percentage on the slot machine game. Casino lovers or gamblers can find a huge variety of options available at the internet gambling forums especially when they choose to play online games. Even on the basis of pay lines the slot machine is classified. A traditional slot game will have only one pay line that is across the middle of three reels. Newer slot machines are having many number of pay lines on the five reels. By choosing the best casino site, players can choose their favorite slot machines game and have fun.

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